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    Skalodrome in Krasnoyarsk

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    Place: Krasnoyarsk, Russia, улица 9 Мая, 74

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    • Skalodrome in Krasnoyarsk
    • Skalodrome in Krasnoyarsk

    What to expect

    The climbing wall is 15 meters high and consists of two parts, the first one for difficulty, and the second is a certified 15-meter reference track on which international competitions can be held. Skalodrom take all major launches of the Krasnoyarsk and Russian levels. And also it became the basic training base for the sports school of rock-climbing.

    If you want to learn to overcome vertical and overhanging walls, overcome fear of high and you have a desire to harmoniously develop your body, then come to the climbing wall to the ice palace "Arena Sever". We will show that rock climbing is a fascinating and safe sport, which every day becomes more popular in Russia, and in some European countries it has already been included in the school program of physical development. We will teach you how to properly move on the vertical, teach safe methods of insurance and competent physical training of the body. Try and you will tighten this new fascination with your head, as it once happened with our instructors.