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    Windsurfing in Krasnodar

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    Place: Krasnodar, Russia, Вишневая улица

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    • Windsurfing in Krasnodar
    • Windsurfing in Krasnodar
    • Windsurfing in Krasnodar
    • Windsurfing in Krasnodar

    What to expect

    At first glance, windsurfing seems like a simple sport or a hobby: it would seem, hop on the board and dissect the waves. But before trying to tempt destiny and trying to master the subtleties of windsurfing on your own, it's better to take some lessons from experienced instructors. In addition to experience, qualified instructors have special equipment for beginners.

    Features of teaching windsurfing

    Training in windsurfing can be individual or group, but the main rule for any kind of training is to go to the water only under the supervision of an instructor and in calm weather. In teaching, the most important thing is to listen to the instructor, enjoy the process, work tirelessly on your body and develop the necessary skills.

    Important! Learn the distress call recognized throughout the world. Let it not be useful, but everyone must know it, who goes to the water, especially in bad weather conditions. If you need to provide outside assistance, you should sit on the board and continuously raise your hands above your head and lower them to the sides. You will be noticed and provided with timely assistance.

    Required purchases for beginners

    Start your hobby with the purchase of special equipment designed for experienced surfers, not worth it. This is an acquisition, the necessity of which is formed parallel to the acquisition of a certain experience. And at first it will be enough to buy a reliable and simple kit, thanks to which it will be possible to gain the necessary experience.

    Specialists recommend newcomers weighing not more than 90 kg to buy a board length of 3.3-3.8 meters with a volume of not less than 200 liters. For surfers with a lot of weight, you should choose models with a large displacement.

    The board of a beginner surfer should have a fin and a shwert, without footstools while you can get by. If the board already has foot hinges, they can be removed for a while. When buying a sail, you should pay attention to the model with a small weight and a simple design, with a size of 5.5-6.6 square meters. m. It is best to buy immediately the kit, then the boom and the mast are joined with the sail correctly.

    Buying a wetsuit is also necessary. This is not just a tribute to fashion or an attribute of belonging to surfers. This is primarily comfort and protection from abrasions, wind and cold water. When buying a wetsuit, you need to make sure that you buy equipment for windsurfing. It should be quite spacious in the area of ​​the forearm and shoulders.