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    Jumping with a rope in Krasnodar

    Basic details

    Place: Krasnodar, Russia, Суздальская улица, 18

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    • Jumping with a rope in Krasnodar
    • Jumping with a rope in Krasnodar
    • Jumping with a rope in Krasnodar

    What to expect

    Krasnodar team JustJump is engaged in jumping with a rope from 2013, for 4 years of conducting open training and mastering new objects, none of the systems is out of control. During the jumping all critical systems are duplicated and pass several stages of verification.

    Safety is a priority in conducting jump jumping, all factors influencing the process are taken into account and analyzed by the team's specialists.

    The JustJump ropejugger team uses its unique experience to develop new objects for jumping with a rope. So natural objects were jumped: Kiseleva rock (46 meters), Mount Shahan (110 meters), Mount Ahmet-Kaya (220 meters).

    Available city facilities for jumping: the bridge in Krasnodar (20 meters), building in Sukko (40 meters).

    What you need to know about roupjumping:
    • Rope at the time of the jump is not tight - there is no feeling that you have something holding. It adds emotion and deprives sense of security.
    • At the time of separation, there is no oncoming airflow, as when jumping with a parachute - the speed increases gradually, but rapidly, with an increase in the fall height.

    • Each jump with a rope the person makes independently, which allows you to fully experience the moment of separation from the object - the same step into the void.

    • The tension of the damping system is smooth and even, therefore the stop after the jump is painless - there is no tangible dynamic impact.

    • There are jumps on the pendulum system - "swings" and jumps with a free fall.

    • Not all the objects suitable for jumping with a rope are allowed to beginners. This is due to security requirements.