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    All-Union Thirty

    Basic details

    Place: Krasnodar, Russia, Привокзальная площадь,2
    Duration: 7 days

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    • Adults (18-70 years)
    • Kids (12-18 years)
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    • All-Union Thirty
    • All-Union Thirty
    • All-Union Thirty
    • All-Union Thirty
    • All-Union Thirty
    • All-Union Thirty
    • All-Union Thirty
    • All-Union Thirty
    • All-Union Thirty
    • All-Union Thirty
    • All-Union Thirty

    What to expect

    First day

    Arrival in Krasnodar. Collection of the group: the station square, the monument to Lenin at 9.00. Transfer Krasnodar - Hajokh. Acquaintance with the guide. Receiving food, group equipment. Excursion to the canyon of the Belaya River or the Gorge of Mishkhok.

    Second day

    Hike to the Rufabgo waterfalls for the whole day. Bonfire. Bathing in waterfalls. We catch happy moments. Breeding fires in the reserve is prohibited.

    The third day

    Colored breakfast in the hostel. We gain strength. Early departure to the plateau of Lago Naki. We enter the territory of the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve. It forbids the cultivation of fires, the destruction of plants. Lunch near a mountain stream near the foot of Mount Oshten. Transition under the slopes of Oshten to the mountain shelter Fisht. We pass through the Armenian and Guzeripel passes. Below us lie the chains of mountain ranges, on the right are the steep cliffs of Oshtena. And we keep our way to the sea.

    Fourth day

    Позний lifting. We fall asleep from city vanity. Radial exit to the Small Fishtinsky glacier. You will climb to a height of 2300 meters - this is the highest mark of our trip. You will visit the real glacier. Br-rr! Snow and ice in the summer!

    Fifth day

    We rest. Kayfuyu. Those who wish make a radial entrance to the Fisht-Oshtenovsky Pass - the place of fierce fighting during the Great Patriotic War. You can heat up the bathhouse and take water procedures. In the evening, a fire, gatherings, songs with a guitar.

    Sixth day

    Early rise. Today we are moving into the zone of subtropics. We take two passes: Belorechensky and Guzheripsky. We pass along the alpine meadows. Lice herds of cows, herds of horses and admire the crown of Fisht. Merry descent! Down, down, down to the village of Babuk-Aul. Here at the old camp site our next overnight stay.

    Seventh day

    On the road winding over the gorge of the Shah River we descend to the sea. Only twenty kilometers and we are the house of IA. The Nightmare. Here you can drink the northernmost tea in the world or eat pancakes. A comfortable car takes us from the mountains to the Black Sea coast.

    Attention! For an additional fee, we can arrange for you to rest on the Black Sea.

    What is included in an offer

    • meeting at the train station

    • transfer Krasnodar - Hajokh

    • transfer Solokh-Aul - Dagomys

    • rental of group equipment (burners, gas, cooking boilers, tents, group first-aid kit)

    • accommodation in the hostel in Hajohe, 2 nights

    • work as an instructor-conductor

    • meals on the route

    • insurance

    What is NOT included in an offer

    • additional excursions

    • transfers outside the program

    What should a client bring

    • A warm jacket;

    • a ski cap;

    • fleece gloves;

    • waterproof windproof jacket and trousers;

    • sport suit;

    • sleeping bag;

    • polyurethane foam mat;

    • Tracking shoes;

    • Replacement shoes for ford and camp (sneakers);

    • backpack 80-100l; seat;

    • tracking stick;

    • a rain cap on yourself and a backpack;

    • sun protection: panama, cream, glasses;

    • Working gloves;

    • a mug, a spoon, a bowl, a knife (KLMN);

    • a thermos and a water jar with a total volume of 2 liters;

    • headlamp headlamp (spare batteries);

    • first aid kit