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    Excursion "Orthodox domes of Khabarovsk"

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    Place: Khabarovsk, Russia,
    Duration: 3 hours

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    • Excursion "Orthodox domes of Khabarovsk"
    • Excursion "Orthodox domes of Khabarovsk"
    • Excursion "Orthodox domes of Khabarovsk"

    What to expect

    The Baptism of Rus is the introduction of Christianity in Ancient Rus as a state religion, carried out at the end of the 10th century by Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich. Sources give conflicting indications of the exact time of baptism. Traditionally, after the chronicle chronology, the event is considered to be dated to 988 and considered the beginning of the official history of the Russian Church (some researchers believe that the baptism of Rus was held later: in 990 or 991).

    A number of authors term is also understood as the process of the spread of Christianity in Russia in the 11th-12th centuries.

    This tour is your guide to the world of spirituality.