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    Luco - crossbow shooting gallery in Kazan

    Basic details

    Place: Kazan, Russia, улица Рихарда Зорге, 66
    Duration: 1 hour

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    • Adults (18+)
    • Kids (9-14 years)
    • OK
    • Luco - crossbow shooting gallery in Kazan
    • Luco - crossbow shooting gallery in Kazan
    • Luco - crossbow shooting gallery in Kazan
    • Luco - crossbow shooting gallery in Kazan
    • Luco - crossbow shooting gallery in Kazan

    What to expect

    About the dash

    We invite you to a unique shooting gallery located in a covered building with heating. The shooting complex is located within the city limits near the metro. You do not need to go somewhere beyond the city limits and if necessary, you can quite reach, both by car and on foot.

    You can count on shooting with the possibility of shooting 3D targets in Russia, and those that are in a covered room, and even less, it is possible that we are the only ones in Russia, and we are glad that now this entertainment is available for the residents of Kazan.

    For shooting at targets, a large number of crossbows and bows are available. For any of the shooters, we are able to pick up a convenient shooting equipment. You can shoot at targets located at different distances. External and sound design and mobility of some targets form an unusual feeling of presence in the forest on a real hunt.

    When shooting in our complex, you will certainly be instructed in each of the shooting galleries, in addition to that there will always be an instructor next to you who will follow the shooting process, and if necessary they will answer all the questions that arise. The dash uses bows and crossbows from well-known manufacturers of the best quality. The shooting room is prepared by professionals with observance of all norms and regulations.

    What is included in an offer


    Feel yourself as a true hunter, arrows and bolts (arrows for a crossbow) you take away yourself, while you can take photos with targets shot by you personally.

    Shooting complex "Olympus" is one of the best places for rest, which you can go to in Kazan.

    We know that you have a choice. Thank you for choosing us!