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    Jumping with a rope in Kazan!

    Basic details

    Place: Kazan, Russia,
    Duration: 1 hour

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    • Adults (18+)
    • OK
    • Jumping with a rope in Kazan!
    • Jumping with a rope in Kazan!
    • Jumping with a rope in Kazan!
    • Jumping with a rope in Kazan!
    • Jumping with a rope in Kazan!
    • Jumping with a rope in Kazan!

    What to expect

    For the jump is used special equipment, the whole match is duplicated, which guarantees safety. On site you will be provided with equipment, instructed and provided abundant psychological assistance The leap will allow you to have fun, communicate with new and old people and face to face with your own instinct of self-preservation, which can not overcome everyone, but only overcome fear, you can fully feel yourself, understand what freedom is, there will be a surge of strength and again want to live and work!

    Medical restrictions: the state of strong alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, cardiovascular, psycho-neurological diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, pregnancy.

    What should I do to jump with a rope from the bridge / tower / ... with the command Xfreedom?

    • Come to the nearest event.
    • You jump.

    How to get dressed?

    • Clothing should be as sporty as possible, but every day is suitable. Consider that you will be dressed in a harness and tightened like a parachutist))). Also do NOT wear hairpins and high heels - you will most likely have to climb up the tower / bridge / house, climb the stairs, the slope, the ravine.

    How to jump?

    • In any case, before jumping, you need to warm up - especially the back and neck.
    • On the vast majority of objects, you, already fastened, in a helmet, mashed, get on the point of jump ("exit") and strongly push forward downward, like a fish in the water. Hands in front of him, the body is slightly tense, the muscles are toned. If you push hard - then there will not be a jerk and you will go smoothly into a pendulum, but there will also be less freefall. If you do not push at all - then the jerk will be greater.

    Is it a strong leap when jumping?

    • Depends on the object and on how you jumped / pushed. If everything is done correctly - a jerk will be imperceptible, if not - you will feel it tangibly, but in any case, the force of the breakthrough will be in admission.

    I'm 17/14/15 and the like. years. Can I jump?

    • Absolutely not. We admit to jumping only adults over 18 years of age. References, parcels of parents are not considered. You will grow up - then come.

    I weigh 100 kg, can I jump?

    • Yes. We allow jumpers up to 110 kg.

    And will the ropes last?

    • Withstand, each rope holds a minimum of 2.4 tons. There are at least two of them. One basic, the other is safety.

    What should a client bring

    • Be sure to take the PASSPORT, without it we are not allowed to jump.
    • Desire to jump!
    • A bunch of friends!
    • Good mood!
    • In winter, take with you a warm clothes, sometimes you have to wait for your jump for a while.