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    Skydiving in Kazan!

    Basic details

    Place: Russia, 16К-0730
    Duration: 1 hour

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    • Adults (9+)
    • OK
    • Skydiving in Kazan!
    • Skydiving in Kazan!
    • Skydiving in Kazan!
    • Skydiving in Kazan!
    • Skydiving in Kazan!
    • Skydiving in Kazan!
    • Skydiving in Kazan!
    • Skydiving in Kazan!
    • Skydiving in Kazan!

    What to expect

    Parachute jumping, this is the swiftness and absolute freedom of flight, delight and a sea of ​​adrenaline. Those who have experienced parachute jumps, will forever remember this with nothing fearsome feeling, when the pressure of air pervades you and you merge with it with your whole body! Above the earth stretches a huge air Ocean, and a sense of boundless happiness and delight embrace you. Now you are Heaven!

    The most difficult thing in parachuting is to decide to jump for the first time. And it's not even so much to do the parachute jump directly from the plane (here you will be helped, both in direct and figurative senses), and the main difficulty in the other is:

    • "there is no one to go,"
    • "I would have gone, if I had not been so busy this Sunday,"
    • "I wanted to go last week, but there was no weather,"
    • "I will definitely jump when I graduate",
    • "I would have jumped if I was 20 years younger",
    • "Too far to go to the airfield" (well, this is a valid reason, as much as 40 km after all),
    • "I really will go jumping, but next weekend," etc.

    All these reasons are called very simply — laziness. Not fear, not lack of opportunity, namely laziness.

    At the same time, thousands of parachute jumps are carried out daily around the world. For someone, the parachute is a sport, for someone it's a job, for someone it's a military duty, and someone is now realizing their dream. Your dream. It's like being born again, or discovering a new world. After that, you will never forget this unique adventure. You will become different. You will become the one who "jumped".

    In Kazan, you can skip with a parachute together with the central aero club of Kazan.

    If you decide to jump for the first time with a parachute, then you have several options for how to make a jump with a parachute in Kazan — jump yourself, in a "tandem" with an instructor or even you can become a parachutist! Read more:

    Method number 1: An independent jump with a round dome is performed from a height of 1000 m. After separation from the aircraft within 3-4 seconds, the main parachute opens — under its dome you will drop 2.5-4 minutes. The paratrooper also has a spare parachute — to ensure safety. Before the jump, explain how to behave in the air and land safely — instructing takes 3-4 hours.

    Method number 2:

    Tandem jump is carried out with an instructor, with a special parachute for two people: it has the shape of a wing and a large area. The parachute is behind the instructor's back, and your suspension system is connected to the instructor's suspension system. During the tandem jump you will get a full range of feelings from free fall from a height of 2500 meters (about 30 seconds), reduce and control the parachute. To perform a tandem-jump experience is not required, and the preparation time is a few minutes.

    What should a client bring

    • Weight from 49 to 120 kg
    • If you have a passport (and permission from your parents if necessary)