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    Balloon flight - Balloon Club TULPAR Kazan

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    Place: Kazan, Russia, улица Бутлерова, 49
    Duration: 2 hours

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    • Balloon flight - Balloon Club TULPAR Kazan
    • Balloon flight - Balloon Club TULPAR Kazan
    • Balloon flight - Balloon Club TULPAR Kazan
    • Balloon flight - Balloon Club TULPAR Kazan
    • Balloon flight - Balloon Club TULPAR Kazan
    • Balloon flight - Balloon Club TULPAR Kazan

    What to expect

    Our club represents aeronautics in Kazan and is engaged in the training of athletes and flights on thermal balloons since 2004. During this time, more than 350 young men and women got a chance to climb to the sky under the balloon dome and see the earth from a bird's eye view. And we also love to make unusual gifts for Birthday and give the opportunity for lovers to say the most important words during a romantic trip in the balloon basket.

    Conditions for flying in a hot air balloon

    How safe is the flight in a hot air balloon?

    To correctly answer this question, one must remember one of the basic laws of physics: everything that is thrown into the air, tends to fall to the ground. Therefore, all aircraft - airplanes, helicopters, airships, thermal balloons can be in flight only strictly a certain time. It should be noted that among all this diversity, balloons are among the safest kind of air transport. And here in many respects the competent organization of flights and skill of the pilot play a key role.

    Let's consider a few basic parameters that affect the safety of TA: 1. Right choice of weather. Aerostats fly only in quiet, calm weather, when the wind speed does not exceed 3 m / s, so all flights pass either early in the morning or before sunset. If you are offered a hot air balloon in the daytime, be very careful - the thermals (strong ascending air currents triggered by the heating of the earth by the sun's rays) and the wind, can sharply tilt and hit the balloon about the ground. The optimal time of day for flight and balloon rises are the early morning hours (up to 9 hours) and evening hours (after 19 hours). 2. Mastery of the pilot. None of us would like to be in a racing big bus, where a newcomer is sitting at the wheel, just received the rights. The same situation can be in the air. Ask how many hours in the capacity of the commander of the balloon has a pilot, where he flew and what has the tolerances. The more the pilot has a raid, the availability of international certification, the more likely that he will cope with the complicated situation that has arisen in the flight. 3. Selection of the flight area. The balloon moves only together with the air masses (wind) and can not choose the direction independently. Therefore, it is very important that during the route there is a sufficient number of sites suitable for safe landing, on which the pilot would be able to land in the case, for example, of the wind. Experienced pilot always before the start passes the entire intended route with a pencil on the map, noting possible places of planting. In this regard, all flights in Kazan, over Kazan and other large populated areas are strictly prohibited - dense buildings, the abundance of power lines do not leave a chance for safe landing. 4. The official permission of the aeronautical services to fly. These services of major airports are designed to regulate the movement of aircraft in a certain area. The flight of the balloon is allocated a certain corridor of altitude, which means that at this time and in this place no other aircraft and helicopters will be found and the likelihood of a collision and an aviation accident is virtually eliminated. Therefore, be sure to check with the pilot if there is such permission for flights. 5. Life insurance. Often you have to see in advertising that as a security measure, the life insurance of a balloon passenger is carried out. Very questionable safety factor. In fact, the insurance must cover your costs of treatment in the event of injury from an accident. Agree that you should make every effort to ensure that the flight was safe, and not to promise good treatment. Therefore, in my opinion, insurance has no relation to actual safety. The competency of the pilot or the organizers strongly recommending this service before the flight is questionable. Well, concluding our review, I must say that all of the above applies more to free flights of balloons. If you participated in the ascent in a balloon tied with ropes to the launch site, then the organizers of these ascents are entirely responsible for your safety.

    Before you go on a balloon trip, try to follow a few good tips and follow the following recommendations.

    First, the form of clothing. A traveler who dared to rise to the sky under the dome of a thermal balloon should be dressed simply and practically. Jeans, windbreaker and sneakers as if you were going to walk in the woods. Must be a headdress (protects from the sun, mosquitoes, the heat of the burners). On hands it is better to have light fabric or leather gloves.

    Secondly, the weather. Pleasant flight experiences and safety are directly related to weather conditions. Aerostats fly only in good weather, in the early morning or in the evening and at a weak wind up to 3 meters per second. Therefore do not insist on the flight and do not take offense at the Pilot, if you are advised to postpone the flight for another day. This is done in the interests of your safety. We recommend you to follow the weather yourself and find out the forecast for the next few days. We noted for ourselves the accuracy of wind forecasts on the website www.windguru.cz.

    Third, the crew. Of course, you have many friends who would like to take with them on a flight. For your safety, since the useful lifting capacity of the balloon is limited (160 kilograms), only two adult passengers can be in the basket at the same time, together with the pilot. If the desire of your friends to see and fix your feat is unlimited, then you should count on an additional car that will follow our escort vehicle.

    Fourth, cameras and video cameras. Video materials and photos made during the air travel will be unique and will bring you many pleasant minutes. However, one should not take too expensive, bulky and heavy equipment in flight. It should be remembered that when planting the cart can be placed on its side and your camera or camcorder can be damaged.

    And, finally, the fifth. During the flight, the pilot bears personal responsibility for you and your safety. Please follow all his instructions quickly and accurately. And then, we hope that you will become a real fan of aeronautics and together we will make more than one flight.