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    Ride on horseback in Kaliningrad

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    Place: Kaliningrad, Russia, Бодайбинский переулок

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    • Ride on horseback in Kaliningrad
    • Ride on horseback in Kaliningrad
    • Ride on horseback in Kaliningrad
    • Ride on horseback in Kaliningrad

    What to expect

    Our club was founded in 1998 and is located in A. Kosmodemyansky.

    We have all the necessary ammunition for horses and equipment for riders. For classes, protective helmets are issued. For visitors there is a cloakroom where you can relax, drink tea and chat.

    Sincerely we hope that your interest in this sensitive and intelligent creature - the horse, will be preserved for many years. They are worthy of your attention, energy, time and costs!

    We wish you a pleasant stay and vivid impressions!

    Horse riding any day.

    A walk takes place in the environs of the village. A Kosmodemyanskogo and allows you to really relax, warm up and unwind.

    Horse riding is the best holiday in nature!

    Two routes to choose from: field and forest.

    The cost of the walk includes instruction and horse riding accompanied by an instructor who rides or drives your horse in occasion, depending on your preparation.

    The duration of the walk is 60 minutes (1 hour).

    If you are a beginner rider, we recommend that you undergo a minimum training course on the basics of riding (under the cord) under the guidance of an experienced instructor. This will ensure your safety when riding on rough terrain and will allow you to feel free and confident.