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    Ride on kites in Izhevsk

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    Place: Izhevsk, Russia, улица Ленина, 114

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    • Ride on kites in Izhevsk
    • Ride on kites in Izhevsk
    • Ride on kites in Izhevsk

    What to expect

    Kiting is just to be happy!

    Are you full of the desire to feel the wind, to experience bright emotions and thrill?

    We will gladly share our knowledge and skills, try to get acquainted with the serpent and kiting, for you not only fascinating and interesting but also safe.

               After completing the course you will know the necessary minimum about kitesurfing: theory, safety, rules, and have the skills of riding a confident rider.

    The course is conducted with a personal instructor.

    As a rule, a person of any age, regardless of the level of athletic preparedness, just a few hours to master the technique of kite management, and independently ride on the board the first few meters. Each person is individual and therefore, only in our kite school you do not pay for hours of training, but solely for the result.

    After completing the kitesurfing course, you receive a universal, comprehensive and recognized education in any country of the world, kite education.

    What is included in an offer

    The training course consists of several stages of theory and practice.

    Training is calculated on the result, and time is not limited. The training includes training of summer and winter kiting + bonuses - we put the right rack, setting the technique of the jump, training the basic elements of wakestyle.

    The training course is conducted in Izhevsk and is called "5 Steps to Kitesurfing" (here is an abridged version of the course in general terms explaining the learning process):

    • The first stage is the theory + practice of piloting a pilot-training snake (2 square meters) + the foundations of safety on the spot. (beach - beach). Training is provided for kite school equipment.
    • The second stage is the practice of rolling the technique of going to the water and moving on the board in different racks. (checkered winch -Video Park) the student pays only the cost of riding on the winch. equipment for hire is included in the price of the wheelchair.
    • The third stage is the study of the mat part + the practice of piloting a towing serpent (6-10 square meters) (shore beach). Training is provided for kite school equipment.
    • The fourth stage - the theory and practice of going to water, understanding the movement under the kite without a board - working off the element "Bodidrag". Training is provided for kite school equipment.
    • The fifth stage is the first start and the first gal on the board under the kite, mastering the practice and skills of the movement to the "drain", to the edges of the windshield, cutting out against the wind - returning to the start point. The training is conducted on the kite school equipment.