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    Sightseeing tour of Suzdal

    Basic details

    Place: Suzdal, Russia,
    Duration: 2 hours

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    • Sightseeing tour of Suzdal
    • Sightseeing tour of Suzdal
    • Sightseeing tour of Suzdal
    • Sightseeing tour of Suzdal

    What to expect

    During the tour you will visit:

    Trade area

    The center of city life, the center of souvenir trade, the center of many festive events and one of the most visited tourist places. Many films have been shot here.

    Shopping Rows

    The building of the Trade Rows also has a rich history. In the ranks there were more than hundred merchant shops and shops. The construction of the series dates back to the beginning of the 19th century.

    Defensive earthen shafts

    From the defensive ramparts and other high banks of the Kamenka River, there are exceptional views of the architectural monuments of Suzdal: the Ilyinsky Church (on photo), the Merchant Row, the Church of the Entry into Jerusalem and the Pyatnitsa Church, the Suzdal Kremlin Ensemble and others.

    The Suzdal Kremlin

    This is the oldest building in the city. It was after the construction of the Kremlin that Suzdal arose. The Kremlin is located on the bank of the Kamenka River and is surrounded by the oamlets - ancient defensive structures.

    Rizopolozhensky monastery in Suzdal

    The oldest of the existing 5 monasteries of Suzdal. It was founded in 1207 on the northern border of Suzdal. In 1819 the Reverend bell tower was erected in honor of the victory of 1812. It is the highest building of the city - 72 meters. By the way, everyone can go up to her and look at Suzdal from the highest point of observation.

    Alexandrovsky Monastery

    It is located near Rizopolozhensky monastery on the high bank of the Kamenka river. The monastery was founded in 1240 by Alexander Nevsky.