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    Quest "Continuum"

    Basic details

    Place: Irkutsk, Russia, улица Горького, 31А
    Duration: 1 hour

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    • Person (1-4 persons)
    • OK
    • Quest "Continuum"
    • Quest "Continuum"
    • Quest "Continuum"

    What to expect

    Complexity: moderate

    Participants: 1 to 4 people

    Age limit: from 16 years

    • Come to the game 10 minutes before the start to have time to prepare and do not wait for the end of the game of other teams;
    • To passage of a quest persons in a condition of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication are not supposed;
    • It is forbidden to use brute physical force during the passage of the quest. The burden of compensation for material damage for the damaged property falls on the person who caused the harm;
    • If the team representative who has booked the game does not respond to the caller's control call 40 minutes before the game - the team withdraws from the game (except in advance cases agreed with the players).
    • Preparation for the game begins 10 minutes before the start of your game. If the team comes later, it will be given less time to complete the quest. Delay for 20 minutes - automatic withdrawal from the game;
    • The recommended age for the quest is 16 years. Children from 12 to 16 years old can participate in the game only when accompanied by adults;
    • Responsibility for their own health is borne by the players themselves. Take the quest as an intellectual adventure and we are sure that everything will be wonderful!