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    Excursion "Mysterious caves of Hahetai"

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    Place: Chita, Russia, улица Бутина, 91

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    • Excursion "Mysterious caves of Hahetai"
    • Excursion "Mysterious caves of Hahetai"
    • Excursion "Mysterious caves of Hahetai"
    • Excursion "Mysterious caves of Hahetai"
    • Excursion "Mysterious caves of Hahetai"

    What to expect

    Behind the Urals there are many karst caves, including in the steppe regions. The uniqueness of the Transbaikalian cave is that here for karst processes are not suitable conditions due to the small area carbonate rocks and low precipitation, as well as layered permafrost. The cave is always cold: the air temperature fluctuates during the year from -7.1 to 0.8 ° C. The walls and ceiling of the grottoes decorated with ice crystals, and penetrating into the cave water creates ice sculptures on the icy floor.

    The wet cave of Hatai includes several halls: Icy, Yurt, Dead-end, Bone (here they found the bones of a saber-toothed tiger and woolly rhinoceros). Area of ​​the largest - Ice hall - hall is about 400 square meters. meters. Together with ice sculptures in caves are also calcite formations - stalactites, stalagmites and stalagmata.

    Local Buryats refer the caves of Hahetai to holy places, where come to communicate with spirits and pray for their everyday affairs. AT in such places they construct "about". Near the entrance to the caves there are "About" - trees, on the branches of which are imposed white and blue ribbons for the coaxing of spirits. But what can the spirits of the cave say who came here a traveler? Probably, that this place is dangerous and here you can not travel alone.

    The fact is that the name Haetei Cave received in the 60s of the past century. Before that time, it was called "Michaqin", which means "butcher" in another translation "cannibal". According to someone's suggestion Wet The cave served people as a large refrigerator for storing meat stocks. But this is more of a joke than a serious statement. Secondary Translation The name of the cave "Lyudoedskaya" more accurately denotes semantics this place, connected with the circumstances, when those leaving for the cave people did not return back.

    The fear associated with the death of people trapped in the cave, tabooed mention of it, and even now there are organized groups travelers with guides from the Agin or Chita speleologists. Descent into the caves without special climbing equipment, as well as alone, always leads to accidents. Immediately behind the entrance to the Wet Cave there is a dip into which from the height 4-story house flew stumbling on slippery ice reckless visitors and animals.

    In order to get into the cave, you have to go down the vertical 12-meter ice waterfall, and then the person falls into unforgettable ice kingdom of nature, consisting of ice and frost. There was information that they had found an entrance to another hall, and given the fact that the floor of the ice hall consists of ice up to 2 meters or more thickness, who knows how many more such inputs can be hidden from eye researchers.

    What story can this cave keep, about which nothing says local epic, describing the life and adventures of heroes of mythology? There are no rock paintings of ancient characters who have attitude to the totemic concept of the world. There are no scenes of cult- genealogical cycle. Perhaps, here they hid the hero Onon from his bride Ingoda? The semantics of visible wall art from a variety of types of visual activity (engraving, colorful pictures) prevails with the principles of self-expression a modern rock artist: "Here was Vasya".

    To assert that the mythological traditions associated with the cave "Mikhachin", may belong to local residents, there are no grounds - Russians and Buryats appeared here only three centuries ago. Probably, these Traditions persist among the Tungus, as the shaman tree hints at entrance to the cave. Shamans always possessed information about natural Features and secret places where you can relax.

    In the Ice Hall of the cave "Mikhachin" a constant temperature of about 0 ° C C (-1 ° + 0.7 °). In the halls of Yurt and Dead-end ice is not formed, and the temperature ranges from + 1 ° to + 6 ° C. The cave was reliable shelter from bad weather and dangerous predators, it was possible to keep warm in the winter cold and cool off from the summer heat of the surrounding steppes.

    Earlier here lived the people of "Mohe", speaking the language of the Tungus- Manchu group - the ancestors of the Jurchen, whose tribes in the IV-VI centuries moved from Transbaikalia to the Far East. The word "mohe" has an analog in the Manchu "muke" (water). Perhaps this has some relation to the old name of the cave "Michaqi", in which nature stores one and a half thousand cubic meters of ice.

    The descent is organized by professionals INDEPENDENT LEAVE IS DANGEROUS!

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