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    Jump with a parachute in Blagoveshchensk

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    Place: Blagoveshchensk, Russia,

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    • Jump with a parachute in Blagoveshchensk
    • Jump with a parachute in Blagoveshchensk
    • Jump with a parachute in Blagoveshchensk
    • Jump with a parachute in Blagoveshchensk
    • Jump with a parachute in Blagoveshchensk
    • Jump with a parachute in Blagoveshchensk
    • Jump with a parachute in Blagoveshchensk
    • Jump with a parachute in Blagoveshchensk

    What to expect

    Many people all their life dream to jump with a parachute, but they are stopped - FEAR. In fact, this is quite normal phenomenon and if all the same decided to jump with a parachute, then after you waiting for a sea of ​​emotions and unforgettable impressions! Our aeroclub offers two types of jump for beginners: an independent jump on a circular classical parachute from a height of 800 m and a tandem long jump with a parachute-wing instructor from a height of 2500-3000 m. Before a separate jump, you need to undergo training which consists of two stages:

    1 - Theoretical lesson. On it you will be told how to jump, show how the parachute is arranged, what to do during the jump and landing.

    2 - Classes in the simulators in which all the actions of the paratrooper are practiced.

    In order to make a jump yourself you will prepare for a week.

    The first lesson on Wednesday from 18:00 to 20:00 with you to have a passport and 500 rubles for theoretical training (it is valid for a month) the rest of the money you give after the jump.

    The second lesson is Friday from 18:00 to 20:00. On this lesson you need to come in comfortable clothes or a sports suit, that is, no heels, skirts and dresses! After training, you plan and inform the instructor in advance when it is more convenient for you to make a jump on a Saturday or Sunday, just need to focus on weather conditions. Independent jump with a round parachute "JUNIOR"

    The jump is made from an An-2 plane, the altitude is 800 m. Each parachutist must have a spare parachute. The reserve parachute has an automatic opening system with an insuring device - this guarantees complete safety of the jump.

    Opening the parachute - forced after 2 seconds (pull the ring is not necessary, the parachute will open with a pulling line). The time of descent under the open dome is 2-3 minutes. If you landed far from the start - the car will come for you.

    Age restrictions - minimum age 14 years

    Weight not less than 45 and not more than 90 kg.

    Jump in Tandem with an instructor

    Tandem jump is one of the safest and fastest ways to make the first jump. The jump is carried out with an instructor, on a special parachute for two people: it has a wing shape and a large area. The parachute is behind the instructor's back, and your suspension system is connected to the instructor's suspension system. Naturally there is also a spare parachute. Preliminary preparation takes place at the aerodrome immediately before the jump and takes about 15 minutes.

    The jump is made from a height of 2500 meters, in free fall you are about 30 seconds - you will have time to enjoy the feeling of unlimited freedom. All technical aspects are taken by the instructor - it ensures a stable drop, timely opening of the dome of the parachute at a safe height. Decrease under the open dome lasts from 3 to 5 minutes. At this time, you can enjoy the view of the earth from a bird's-eye view and independently by controlling the parachute. An accurate and gentle landing is also provided by the instructor. A video of your jump is possible.

    Age restrictions - minimum age of 9 years

    The maximum weight is up to 90 kg.

    What should a client bring

    Obligatory clothing for a jump with a round parachute - sports pants, a sports jacket or a jacket with long sleeves and boots on the hard soles (it's best to give them boots at the airport).