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    Tour "South Altai"

    Basic details

    Place: village Manzherok, Russia,
    Duration: 8 days

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    • Tour "South Altai"
    • Tour "South Altai"
    • Tour "South Altai"
    • Tour "South Altai"
    • Tour "South Altai"

    What to expect

    Features of the route:
    • - The route is easy, does not require special training
    • - On the route children are allowed accompanied by parents (or trusted persons, a notarized power of attorney is required) from the age of 7
    • - Transportation is carried out on comfortable minibuses and high-travel cars such as UAZ

    What is included in an offer

    The cost of the tour includes:
    • - 1. Transportation, according to the program of the tour
    • - 2. Payment for accommodation in a camping
    • - 3. Payment of meals throughout the entire route (food is prepared by an instructor at the stake, and meals are also provided at the cafe on the first and last day of the route)
    • - 4. Bath according to the program of the tour
    • - 5. Payment for the work of instructors (1-2 people)
    • - 7. Payment of accident insurance and medical insurance
    • - 8. Payment of recreational fees

    1 day.


    Arrival.At the airport in Gorno-Altaisk or by bus from Novosibirsk (from Novosibirsk the bus leaves at 23.50 from the hotel Novosibirsk, which is opposite the railway station). Breakfast in the cafe. Moving to the starting point of the route from. Manzherok - trans. Seminsky - per. Chicket-Aman - with Aktash - with. Chagan-Uzun - yurt camping «Golden Camel». The way to go by the middle of the interent of the Chuysk tract. Accommodation in yurts. Bathhouse. You can get acquainted with the detailed route on the map.

    2 day.


    Autoexcursion in the lvl. Kyzyl-chin Once on the site of the Kyzyl-Chin valley there was a warm sea of ​​Tethys, after - glaciers and a cold lake. 4-6 thousand years ago people already lived here. Now here geologists, archaeologists, ethnographers annually carry out research. They are jokingly called Kyzyl-Chin Mars - for the land, painted in all possible shades of red and orange, behind the blue-green-violet mountains. What is more striking here is the landscapes or the history of the planet Earth imprinted in them. Accommodation in yurts. Bathhouse

    3 day. (W)

    Auto excursion to the lane. Karagem "Karagem" is translated as - "Black River". This means that the river does not originate in glaciers, but flows from springs on the slope of the mountain. The Karagem pass. He is one of the highest and the coolest. And in all respects. Speech certainly goes about passages which can be overcome by the machine. Going to the very top you find yourself in the middle of a huge mountain system. To your left, the tops of the South Chuya Ridge, on the right of Severo-Chui, and right in front of you is a mountain range, with Belukha towering above it, the three-headed beauty. The ascent to the pass is refreshing and invigorating. The absolute height is more than 2700 meters above sea level. The first section starts from the confluence of the Djelo and Taldur rivers. The steepest climb ends with a platform from which a crazy view of the Taldur valley opens. Taldur is a "white" river, starting with the eponymous glacier. The water in it is usually turbid and really white in color. For further ascent to the pass, it is necessary to descend to the valley of the river Djelo, to cross several times the dry, stony course. And further .., to the clouds. Sharp impressions are guaranteed. Already almost at the top, under the pass, the road passes between two lakes. The pass itself, as it should be, is marked by pyramids of stones. The first time the climb is endless. But it's worth it. You do not just rise, but rise above the mountains. The winds are constantly blowing here. Always. You rise above the trees, even dwarf birches are no longer growing here. Only the wind, mountains and space. But the pass would not be a pass if it were not a path from one valley to another. Further the road goes along the creek, which flows into the river Karagem. It in turn flows into the Argut River, in no less legendary place, near the threshold of the "Karagem breakthrough". (unexpectedly somehow ..)).). The famous "Karagem Glade", is just half way from the pass to the mouth. Expensive it can be called very conditional. Especially the site that goes directly along the river. Often along the river itself. The number of fords is off scale. And after the clearing road to the mouth of Karagem not, but desperate heads still regularly try to break through this route. Return to the camping "Golden Camel". Accommodation in yurts. Bathhouse.

    4 day.


    Autoexcursion to Lake Kinddyktkul Lake name comes from the Altai words kindik - navel and kyol-lake. Those. lake with a navel, umbilical cord. Kindiktikol, this is a system of lakes. There are several of them. Large, small and several lakes are already in the mountains themselves. The lake is located under the very slope of Chikhachev Ridge. It is on its peaks that the border with Mongolia is marked. Return to the camping "Golden Camel". Accommodation in yurts. Bathhouse

    5 day.


    Auto excursion to the Jumalinsky hot spring and the UkokExcursion plateau to a healing spring, the water of which contains a large amount of radon, water temperature from +12 to +20 degrees. The cost of the bath is about 200 rubles per person (paid extra), there are contraindications, consult with your doctor. The road to the source passes through the expanses of the Chui steppe, which lies at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level. This way since ancient times was a path of nomads, the confirmation of this fact are numerous archaeological monuments. Returning to the camping "Golden Camel". Accommodation in yurts. Bathhouse

    6 day.


    Auto Tour to Mount SukorA want to see ALL ridges and peaks? Well, almost everything. We'll show you. The observation point on the top of the mountain, almost 3000 meters. Both Chuysky Range, the Kuray Range, the Taldoirs and the Chikhachev Range. Amazing place. We rise, rise and suddenly find ourselves over half of Altai. From here it is visible both in the palm of your hand and the Chuya steppe, up to the haze of the Mongolian border and the South Chuy ridge and of course Kuraisky. The slopes of the mountain are a huge alpine meadow. You can climb the car up to a height of 2980 meters!

    7 day.


    Return to the tukomplex Return to the starting point of the route, back along the Chuysky tract. On the way you will tour the Ulagan tract, you will see the Red Gate, Dead Lake, Ulagan Pass, Ulagan plateau. Accommodation in rooms at the tourist complex "Manzherok"

    8 day.

    Departure at 11 am for those who had booked the delivery of Novosibirsk-Manzherok-Novosibirsk. For those who wish, it is possible to organize a 4-hour rafting along the Katun River. Beginning of the rafting village Barangol passing the thresholds Muninskiy, Mangeroksky ending of the rafting for the tourist complex "Manzherok" (the cost of rafting 800

    What is NOT included in an offer

    • - Delivery to the tourist complex