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    Kayak rafting down the Lower Katun

    Basic details

    Place: village Manzherok, Russia,
    Duration: 6 days

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    • Kayak rafting down the Lower Katun
    • Kayak rafting down the Lower Katun
    • Kayak rafting down the Lower Katun

    What to expect

    Kayak is a small vessel that will give you a lot of emotions when overcoming water obstacles. This ship will require you with skill, dexterity, courage and determination. One of the advantages of rafting on canoes: you will manage your boat on the route, which will allow you to fully enjoy the journey !!!

    What is included in an offer

    1 day.

    Tourist Complex "Manzherok" - training departure in the vicinity of the base.

    Group gathering. Briefing. Training session in the backwaters of the tourist complex. Dinner. Training alloy. Evening of acquaintances. Bathhouse.

    2 day.

    Tourist Complex "Manzherok" - the village of Elanda - the tract "Uzyuk" - the meadow of Imuranka.

    The beginning of the rafting below the village of Yelanda to the Uzyuk tract. The first day without going through the thresholds, to consolidate the skills obtained in training sessions. The main obstacles are small shivers and barrels, but passing such obstacles on a kayak will bring a lot of positive emotions. Accommodation in tents.

    3 day.

    Glade "Imuranka" - tourist complex "Manzherok".

    In the morning, transfer by car to the start of the rafting in the village of Chemal near the springs. On this day several thresholds are to be overcome: "Ayulinskiy" (I c.s.), "Askatskiy" (I c.s.), "Irodash" (I-II c.s.), "Seminsky" (I-II c.s.). Accommodation in tents at the Tourist Complex "Manzherok". Bathhouse.

    4 day.

    Tourist complex "Manzherok" - Tavdinsky caves - with. Manzherok - tourist complex "Manzherok". Beginning of the rafting from the tourist camp "Crown of Katun". The first serious threshold on the way "Muniski" (I-II c.s.). Excursion to Tavda caves. Passage of the threshold "Manzherok" (I-II c.s.). Completion of the alloy in 2 km. below the village of Manzherok. Tourist complex "Manzherok". Accommodation in tents. Bathhouse.

    5 day.

    Tourist complex "Manzherok" - with. Fishing.

    Before the car to the place of the beginning of rafting behind the village of Manzherok. Overcoming the Aiisky rapids (I-II c.s.). Completion of the alloy in with. Fishing. Return to the tourist complex "Manzherok". Accommodation in tents. Bathhouse.

    6 day.


    Tourist Complex "Manzherok" - Novosibirsk (Barnaul). Sending to Novosibirsk at 11:00 from the Tourist Complex "Manzherok". Sending to Barnaul at 15:00 from the Tourist Complex "Manzherok".

    Features of the route:
    • - The route is characterized by II c.s., it is desirable for tourists to have an alloy experience;
    • - Maximum number of tourists in the group - 10 people;
    • - Tourists float on inflatable kayaks. Safety is provided by a safety kayak with instructors;
    • - There are 1-2 instructors on the route;
    • - On the route children from 16 years are allowed accompanied by their parents;
    • - It is possible to change the thread of the route to the discretion of the instructor, to ensure safe passage of the route;
    • - All necessary equipment is provided on the route
    • - As personal equipment in the hike, you must have the things listed in the section "General information on active routes"
    • - As special equipment, wetsuits, hydro-noses, lifejackets, helmets, spray suits, waterproof bags (for the transport of personal belongings) are issued;
    The cost of the tour includes:
    • - 1. Transportation, according to the program of the tour
    • - 2. Payment for tourist camps (payment for a place under tents in equipped tourist camping, or living in wooden houses if this is stipulated in the tour program)
    • - 3. Bath, according to the program of the tour
    • - 4. Payment of the work of instructors.
    • - 5. Payment of recreational fees
    • - 6. Payment of accident insurance and medical insurance
    • 7. Payment of three meals a day.
    • - 8. Rental of equipment

    What is NOT included in an offer