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    Tour "In the possession of a blue wolf + Middle Katun" horse-water

    Basic details

    Place: village Manzherok, Russia, Туркомплекс "Таежник"
    Duration: 10 days

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    • Tour "In the possession of a blue wolf + Middle Katun" horse-water
    • Tour "In the possession of a blue wolf + Middle Katun" horse-water
    • Tour "In the possession of a blue wolf + Middle Katun" horse-water
    • Tour "In the possession of a blue wolf + Middle Katun" horse-water
    • Tour "In the possession of a blue wolf + Middle Katun" horse-water
    • Tour "In the possession of a blue wolf + Middle Katun" horse-water
    • Tour "In the possession of a blue wolf + Middle Katun" horse-water
    • Tour "In the possession of a blue wolf + Middle Katun" horse-water
    • Tour "In the possession of a blue wolf + Middle Katun" horse-water
    • Tour "In the possession of a blue wolf + Middle Katun" horse-water

    What to expect

    Tour program.

    Check in.

    You can reach us in any convenient way for you. 1. The delivery of tourist buses from the cities of Barnaul, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Omsk, Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo is organized. More details about delivery terms, see here chemal-tour.ru/turists/3-vstrecha-turistov. 2. It is possible to organize an individual transfer from Barnaul. In this case we meet at the airport (or railway station) in Barnaulai and bring it to the tourist complex "Taezhnik". The cost of such delivery is 1,000 rubles per person in one way. 3. It is possible to meet at the airport of the city of Gorno-Altaisk and delivery to the hostel "Taezhnik". The cost is 800 rubles per car (a 4-passenger car). ATTENTION! IF THE ORGANIZED DELIVERY IS ACQUIRED BY THE TOURIST BUS, THAT THE TICKET WILL BE TAKEN ONE SIDE, SO AS THE EXIT WILL BE CARRIED OUT BY THE FLIGHT BUS, AND THE TOURISTS DO NOT SUCK FOR THE REVERSE DELIVERY.

    1 day. Tourist complex "Taezhnik" - The tract of the Aptyrga.

    Journey through the oldest path of Siberia - the Chui tract. Along the way, tourists will learn about the history of the Altai Mountains, about the traditions of its indigenous population. Accommodation in tents. Briefing, preparation for the hike. Bathhouse. Evening of acquaintances.

    2 day. The tract of the Aptyga is Lake Aru-Kem.

    The first equestrian crossing is not difficult, the path goes along a coniferous forest along the slope of one of the spurs of the Terektinsky Range to Lake Aru-Kem. A small, fairly warm lake surrounds the rim of greenery on the banks. Silence and serenity fascinates. Overnight on the shore of Lake Aru-Kem.Conversion 6-7 hours

    3 day. Lake Aru-Kem - Tail Baghash Tract.

    From Lake Aru-Kem, the trail passes through the high alpine meadows, after a short climb the trail leaves almost to the foot of the Uch-Enmek mountain, which is 2,792 meters above sea level. Over the edge of consciousness, in the overwhelming sensations of marvelous nature, you can see the manifestations of the most intricate magnificence and beauty. And the crown of this unshakable universe is mountain. The one that cut its way to the surface with powerful and sharp stones, and staked out the place for ages. Uch-Enmek beckons with bewitching tranquility, and amazes with his strength and invincibility. Then the travelers make an ascent to the "Mayak" mountain, from the top of which they can see the valleys of the rivers Karakol and Margal. Despite the small height of the Terek ridge (about 2000 m.), The clouds descend very low and touch its spurs along which the path passes. After descending from the "Mayak" mountain, the trail goes along the western slope of the Uch-Enmek mountain to the Tyl-Bagash tract where it is planned to spend the night. Equestrian crossing 5-6 hours.

    4 day. The day. Radial access to Borbok lakes.

    Lakes Borbok beautiful high mountain lakes. Lakes are located in the pre-Alpine part of the slopes of the mountain, in a stepped manner. Rising one by one from one lake to another, you marvel at their beauty more and more. Other sensations, other emotions and other beauty. The Altai expanses can not be compared with any other. The nature of Altai is unique and unrepeatable. Who can argue with this? He's great. And if the Altai has eyes - the productions of his soul, it's a lake. You want to understand its essence, to know from within, look into the clear clear waters, peer into the depth, dissolving in a cold shine and becoming a part of the primeval land. Equestrian crossing 3-4 hours.

    5 day. The day.

    Radial access to the Margalin Lakes (the radial exit is possible only in good weather, in bad weather - fishing on the Margala River, rest). Margilinsky lakes, fascinate with their calmness. Here, in the green valley, at the water's edge, you forget that there is another world, that there are cares and obligations in it. Horse riding 6-7 hours.

    6 day. The tract Tal-Bagash is the Tyuguryuk plateau.

    The trail passes along the spur of the Terektinsky ridge from which a panorama of the Tyuguryuk plateau and the summit of Uch-Enmek opens. Overnight at the Tyuguryuk Plateau, which is 44 km long, 4-6 km wide. There are 39 lakes on it, and here the river Tyuguryuk takes its beginning. The locals know the river for their fish catch, and the plateau itself is famous for its abundance and variety of wild animals. Equestrian crossing 5-6 hours.

    7 day. The Tyuguryuk Plateau - The Aptyrga Range

    Return to the base camp. Horse riding 7-8 hours.

    8 day. The tract of the Aptyrga is the Katun River.

    Moving to the start of the rafting. Accommodation in tents.

    Day 9. Glade "Chemal tour" below the mouth of the river Yaloman (2 km) - The mouth of the Sumulta river.

    On this day, tourists become true "conquerors of White Water". The first serious obstacle to this day is the threshold of Ilgumensky (IV c.s.) with a length of 500 m and shafts up to 3 m high. Then the conquest of the threshold "Kadrinsky break" (IV c.s.) - 6 km. large waves, "barrels" and a huge whirlpool "The Little Dog"; as well as the threshold "Shabash" (IV-V c.S., length 700 m.) - one of the most dangerous in Middle Katun. Overnight at the mouth of the Sumulta River, it is possible to fish for grayling.

    The 10th day. The mouth of the Sumulta River - Village Kuyus - Tourist Complex "Taezhnik".

    From the very morning shavers and barrels of the thresholds "Kayancha" will begin, preparing the team for a new test - the threshold "Big Ayulinsky" (III c.s.). Pedestrian excursion to ancient rock paintings - petroglyphs. The rafting ends in the vicinity of the village of Cuyus, where the group is waiting for cars that will take tourists to the base camp of the Tourist Complex "Taezhnik". Bathhouse. A farewell bonfire. Attention!!! The time indicated is the local difference with Moscow +4! Departure by bus to Novosibirsk on the evening of the same day at 22:30, or the next day at 8:40, 11:30, 22:30, travel time 9-10 hours. Departure by shuttle bus to Barnaul the next day at 08:40, 9:40, 11:30, 16:00, travel time 5-6 hours. For those who ordered an individual transfer from Barnaul, the departure time is negotiated individually. Delivery to the airport of Gorno-Altaisk is carried out by the time of departure of the aircraft. The duration of the active part is 6 days (horses) + 2 days (rafting). The length of the route is 400 km (auto, starting point) + 147 km (horses) + 93 km (alloy)

    What is included in an offer

    • - Transportation, according to the tour program;
    • - Payment of parking places (payment for a place under a tent in equipped tourist camping, or living in wooden houses if this is stipulated by the tour program);
    • - Bath according to the tour program;
    • - Rent of horses;
    • - Payment for the work of instructors, grooms;
    • - Payment of recreational fees;
    • - Payment of accident insurance and medical insurance
    • - Payment of three meals a day .; - Rental of equipment;

    What is NOT included in an offer

    • - Shipping.

    What should a client bring

    1. A backpack, a suitcase or a large travel bag, that is what it is convenient to carry things to the base, on the route for the transportation of things special means are given out (archimak (saddlebag) and horse riding in horse rides, diesbeg - water hikes). An exception are hiking tours with equestrian accompaniment, for participation in such tours it is necessary to have a small backpack for carrying personal items.

    2. Hiking shoes are desirable boots that can be leather, rubber, crocheted, the main thing is that they do not get wet and cover the bootleg from rubbing on the stirrup belt (push-up) or high boots

    3. Sneakers or trekking shoes for radial outlets. Avoid new, not differentiated shoes.

    4. Replacement shoes for rest in the camp (slates).

    5. Comfortable clothes for horse crossings and pedestrian radial crossings - sports trousers that do not shackle movements made from light quick-drying material, without rough internal seams, shirt or long sleeve T-shirt.

    6. A set of clothes for rest in the camp - trousers, shirt, shorts, T-shirt.

    7. Warm sweater.

    8. Warm jacket (synthetic or fluffy).

    9. Warm hat (fleece or woolen).

    10. Cap or Panama.

    11. Gloves (suitable even for simple cotton).

    12. Socks - 2-3 pairs of cotton or linen, 2 pairs of woolen

    13. Waterproof raincoat or suit, resistant to heavy rain. On the horse route for protection from rain, OZK (Combined Arms Protection Kit) is issued - a long rubber cloak with a hood

    14. Bathing suit.

    15. Toiletries and hygienic supplies. Including hygienic lipstick and sun cream with a high protection factor.

    16. Sunglasses protecting the eyes from ultraviolet rays in the mountains.

    17. Small flashlight (head).

    18. Individual medicines.

    19. A small jar for water. You can use a 0.5 liter plastic bottle.

    20. Camera or video camera (optional) with hermetic packaging.

    21. Seat is a tourist (hobby).

    22. Personal utensils (a plate, a spoon, a mug)

    In addition to the water part: sneakers, any changeable shoes, at least 2 pairs of woolen and 2 pairs of elastic socks, a splash suit, The camera and a movie camera must have special sealed boxes or hermetically sealed packaging. It is recommended to have your own sleeping bag, designed for a temperature of -5 degrees. If not, the sleeping bag is issued.

    The requirement to recruit personal belongings . Nothing superfluous and acute (without appropriate packages, capable of damaging the hermetic packaging). For the convenience of packaging and additional splash protection, we recommend the use of polyethylene bags.

    IMPORTANT! Clothes for riding must be comfortable, not shackling the movement, not rustling. Pants made of dense soft fabric without rough internal seams.