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    Rafting on the Chuya-Katun Rivers

    Basic details

    Place: Barnaul, Russia, Интернациональная улица, 122
    Duration: 10 days

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    • Rafting on the Chuya-Katun Rivers
    • Rafting on the Chuya-Katun Rivers
    • Rafting on the Chuya-Katun Rivers
    • Rafting on the Chuya-Katun Rivers
    • Rafting on the Chuya-Katun Rivers

    What is included in an offer

    . The automobile part of the route passes along the famous Chui highway. Now it is a modern asphalt road, laid on the site of an old caravan trail, over which, in the past, merchants went to Mongolia and China. Ancient burial places, burial mounds and burial grounds, mountain passes and wide steppes of valleys you will meet along the way.

    In addition, you can get acquainted with two types of rivers of Altai: Chuya represents a detachment of rivers with technically complex rapids, similar to the slalom track; Katun's rapids with a powerful shaft, "barrels", whirlpools are not inferior to the thresholds of the famous Grand Canyon in Colorado.

    For those who wish - fishing. On the river Katun caught lenok - Siberian trout, taimen - Siberian salmon, grayling.

    This route does not require the experience of alloys, although it is desirable.

    • Day 1 - Meeting at the airport, train station. Bus tour on the route: Barnaul - Biysk - Gorno-Altaisk - Ust-Sema - Seminsky pass - Ongudai - Chiket-Aman-Inya pass - Burevestnik threshold (8-9 hours). Lunch on the way. Overnight in tents, on the bank of the river. Chuya. Evening of acquaintances.
    • Day 2 - After breakfast, the guides will give a detailed briefing on the rules of conduct during the rafting. Rafting to the threshold "Behemoth" with the passage of the threshold "Burevestnik" and others (rapids 2-3 + cells.) The first acute impressions.
    • Day 3 - Passage of the threshold "Behemoth" (class 5) for those who wish. Exchange of impressions. Passage of thresholds "Classic", "Slalom" (3-4 cells).
    • Day 4 - Rafting to the threshold "Turbine". Thresholds 3 cells. Overnight in tents.
    • Day 5 - Passage of canyon thresholds "Turbine", "Horizon" (4 - 5 cells). Further - the shiver "Exit" (3 cells.) And the alloy along the Katun to the mouth of the river. B. Yaloman.
    • Day 6 - Rafting to the threshold "Sabbat" with the passage of the thresholds "Ilgumensky", "Kadrinskaya pipe", etc. (3-4 grade).
    • Day 7 - The Day. Bathhouse. Recreation. Sports and other events.
    • Day 8 - Passage of the threshold "Shabash" (4 cells), etc. Alloy to the mouth of the river. Kayancha. Thresholds 3 - 4 cells. Inspection of petroglyphs (rock carvings).
    • Day 9 - Rafting to the mouth of the river. The Edigan. Thresholds 2-3 cl.
    • Day 10 - Bus tour on the route: Edigan - Gorno-Altaisk - Biysk - Barnaul. Overnight at the hotel.

    What should a client bring

    Each participant must have the following clothing: a windproof suit, a warm suit, a sweater, a pair of shirts (shirts), two pairs of shoes (sneakers, sneakers), three to four pairs of socks, a baseball cap, sunglasses, bathing suit, shorts or tights, hygiene, camera, etc.