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    Paragliding in Barnaul

    Basic details

    Place: Barnaul, Russia, проспект Ленина, 148
    Duration: 1 hour

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    • Paragliding in Barnaul
    • Paragliding in Barnaul
    • Paragliding in Barnaul
    • Paragliding in Barnaul

    What to expect

    Our club is more than thirty-four years old. We have more than 50 members of different age and flight activity. Experienced instructors will carefully teach you the possession of a paraglider from the very beginning and will be sent to the sky.

    Paragliding is an extreme sport. And in it, as in any sport, there is a potential danger of injury. However, if you follow the safety precautions and listen carefully to the instructors, fly with the "head", then the dangers are minimized and the flights deliver only positive emotions.

    The training consists of six theoretical lectures, where you will be told all aspects of paragliding, aviation and aerology, as well as 20 hours of practical training on club equipment under the strict guidance of the club's instructors. In the future, you can join the club, use club equipment and fly on your own, continuing to improve your skills.

    When you finish training and will fly the paraglider on your own, a new world will open before you. You will begin to travel around Russia and abroad, in search of new flying places, and also can participate in competitions. You will make new friends in the club, from other cities, and from around the world. Paragliding party - this is interesting, funny, addicted, daring people who are not afraid to try everything new and to learn the world.

    In addition, in fact, the flights you get vivid impressions of visiting these countries. To fly on a paraglider is always adventures, tales, funny and terrible stories, the search for a camp or friends, a tent, a guitar and a fire. It's hundreds of pictures and video, which is always interesting to see. But most importantly - you will never be bored.