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    Jeep tour MONGOLIA, acquaintance

    Basic details

    Place: Barnaul, Russia, Комсомольский проспект, 80
    Duration: 3 days

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    • Jeep tour MONGOLIA, acquaintance
    • Jeep tour MONGOLIA, acquaintance
    • Jeep tour MONGOLIA, acquaintance

    What to expect

    Mongolia is the boundless emerald steppes and the purest blue lakes, snow-capped peaks of the Altai and the hot expanses of the Gobi desert, magnificent Buddhist monuments and the revived history of Genghis Khan, finally - vivid festivals, generous cuisine and incredible hospitality!

    * the day before the start of the route, the gathering of participants in the village. Chagan-Uzun (864 km of the Chuysky tract).

    Acquaintance of participants, preparation for the beginning of the route, briefing. Overnight in the guest yurt. Bathhouse on request. Dinner.

    Movement on an off-road vehicle (UAZ) 200km. The village of Chagan-Uzun - with. Kosh-Agach - with. Tashanta - border - pos. Tssagaannuur - Lake. Dund Nuur - Lake. Achit Nuur.

    Breakfast at 7:30. The start is 8:00.

    The main task for today is not to get in line at the Russia-Mongolia border, for this it is better to get up early. We pass all the formalities of migration services (2-3 hours) and voila we are in beautiful Mongolia !!! We dine at the roadside cafe of the village of "Red Yurt" famous Buzami (traditional Mongolian dish, like our manti, but the taste of high-mountain lamb makes it simply unique!) We continue to the village. Tssagaannuur and turn to the East. Let's make a photo-pause at the lake Dund-Nuur and by the evening, along a winding mountain road, we will arrive to our present goal-Lake. Achit Nuur. We put the camp. Those who wish can try themselves in fishing, in the lake there is grayling, black osman. We spend the night in tents.

    2 day.

    Movement on an off-road vehicle (UAZ) 150km. Oz. Achit Nuur - r. Khovd - Ulgiy - Lake. Tolbo Nuur.

    Breakfast at 9:00. The start is 10:00.

    Today we will pass along one of the most full and picturesque rivers of Mongolia - the river. Khovd. By lunch we will get to the administrative center of the aimak "Bayan-Ulgiy" - Ulgiy, in translation means "rich land". The city, by Mongolian standards, is quite large, there are about 30 thousand inhabitants. Most of them are Kazakhs and Uriyanghai (the Mongolian tribe, and also the name of some ethnic groups). The local market is of particular interest in the city, where you can find many different ethnic things, please yourself and find pleasant souvenirs made in Mongolia for friends. We walk on the market for 2-3 hours. Lunch in a pleasant restaurant "PAMUKKALE". Further, the path lies to the picturesque Lake Tolbo Nuur, where we will spend the night in tents.

    3 day.

    Movement on an off-road vehicle (UAZ) 250km. Oz. Tolbo Nuur - city of Ulgiy - trans. Ovotyn Dava 2643 m. - The village. Tssagaannuur - border - with. Tashanta - with. Kosh-Agach - with. Chagan-Uzun.

    In the morning we will not hurry. We'll make a half-day, rest on the lake before lunch. Those who wish can try themselves in fishing, in the lake there is grayling, black osman. Photographers will find inspiration in local landscapes - against the backdrop of the lake, in good weather, the snowy massif of the city of Tsasta Uul 4193m is perfectly visible. and the city of Tsamsambarav 4165m. Fans of breathing fresh air will enjoy a stroll along the shore with bizarre rocks. Lunch is 12:00. The start is 13:00. In the second half of the day we cross the border and get to our homeland. In the evening, bath, dinner, exchange photo - video materials, overnight in a guest yurt.

    What is included in an offer

    - registration of a pass to the border zone;

    - group transfers under the program by road transport;

    - guide-instructor services;

    - three meals a day during the active part of the tour;

    - breakfast, dinner at the beginning and end of the route in the village. Chagan-Uzun (2 suppers, 2 breakfasts);

    - accommodation in a guest yurt (2 nights);

    - bathhouse in the village. Chagan-Uzun (1 visit);

    - public equipment (tents, boilers, burners, gas, etc.);

    - provision of a first-aid kit, radio communication;  

    What is NOT included in the tour price:

    - travel to s. Chagan-Uzun and back;

    - meals at roadside cafes / restaurants;

    - Alcohol;

    - souvenirs;

    - honey. insurance;  

    What should a client bring

    A valid foreign passport is required. passport, visa is NOT needed!