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    Speleotour "The Underworld of Erlik"

    Basic details

    Place: Barnaul, Russia,
    Duration: 3 days

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    • Speleotour "The Underworld of Erlik"
    • Speleotour "The Underworld of Erlik"
    • Speleotour "The Underworld of Erlik"
    • Speleotour "The Underworld of Erlik"
    • Speleotour "The Underworld of Erlik"
    • Speleotour "The Underworld of Erlik"

    What to expect

    You will see tremendous underground halls, incipient formations, you will experience yourself as a speleologist! A unique route through the caves of Altai!

    The Tutkush cave (Tut-Kush) is located in the Chemalsky district of the Altai Republic, in the upper reaches of the river Kuyum (the tributary of the Katun), on its right-bank slope, 1.5 km from the mouth of the Tutkush stream. The cave is located on the territory of the Iolgo range, in the Katun karst area. About 10 km from the cave is the village of Urlu-Aspak, the pedestrian path from which to the cave passes through the pass and takes several hours. Cave Tut-Kush was discovered by local residents, they also made its first ascent in the 70s. True, only the First Bottom was passed. From 1985 to 1990 Expeditions of speleologists from Biysk and from Novosibirsk passed the cave up to the Third Bottom. According to the data of topography, the length of the cave is 1165 m, the depth is 195 m. On the Second Day there is one of the largest grottoes of the Altai - the System A fantastic gift, its length is 180 m, width up to 20 m, height up to 15 m., Tutkush cave is stunningly beautiful, nature of the Altai Republic. In the cave, except speleologists, there are other living beings. Here settled unique red book bats, absolutely harmless: moustached and water-nosed, northern leatherskin.

    What is included in an offer

    Features: the tourist should not be afraid of darkness, enclosed space, must have physical training. Also necessary clothes for the cave: old, unnecessary jacket and pants, which you can and throw out. Headlamp and a replaceable set of batteries for it, cotton gloves.

    The cost of the tour includes:

    • Transport delivery from Barnaul (Gorno-Altaisk) and back
    • 3 meals a day on the route
    • Services of the guide-instructor
    • Equipment for descent into the cave
    • General-group equipment (bowler, ax, awning, burner, gas, group first-aid kit)

    PS: During the hike the instructor reserves the right to make changes to the route depending on the weather conditions, the condition of roads and crossings, the physical and moral condition of the members of the group and other force majeure circumstances.

    First day

    Moving Barnaul - s.Urlu-Aspak - cave Tut-Kush. During the day we will pass 320 km and will pass 8 km through the forest, we will rise to a small pass from which a glade for the base camp is already visible. We put the camp, we rest.

    Second day

    Preparation for the descent into the cave. Instruction, training with equipment. Descent into the cave! With us we'll take a snack, hot tea. Also do not forget to take a camera and replaceable batteries for a flashlight!

    The third day.

    Transition from the camp near the cave to the village of Urlu-Aspak, then transfer to Barnaul.

    What is NOT included in an offer

    • Meals during the transfer on the first and last day
    • Accident insurance

    What should a client bring

    Backpack, sleeping bag, karemat, tent (one for 2-4 people).