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    Excursion to the Astrakhan Kremlin

    Basic details

    Place: Astrakhan, Russia, Советская улица, 4/18
    Duration: 2,5 hours

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    • Person (1-45 persons)
    • OK
    • Excursion to the Astrakhan Kremlin
    • Excursion to the Astrakhan Kremlin
    • Excursion to the Astrakhan Kremlin
    • Excursion to the Astrakhan Kremlin

    What to expect

    Exciting excursion to the Astrakhan Kremlin , accompanied by a professional guide few people will leave indifferent.

    During the tour of the Astrakhan Kremlin you will learn a lot of interesting things about it, about its powerful walls and towers, majestic temples and other structures, as well as about the people who left a mark on its history.

    In addition to an external inspection of Astrakhan Kremlin objects, a tour of the Kremlin in Astrakhan includes a visit to the Assumption Cathedral, St. Nicholas Gate Church and the Cyril Chapel.

    Movement on the route is carried out on foot, accompanied by a guide.


    • Duration - 1-1,5 hours
    • Language - Russian (other languages ​​- by agreement)
    • Age restriction - no
    • Persons with signs of alcohol (and other) intoxication before the excursion are not allowed

    Strictly forbidden:

    • consume any alcoholic beverages
    • leave unaccompanied minors


    Excursions around the Kremlin in Astrakhan are organized all year round, any day of the week. Team teams are not formed, only organized groups are served (groups from non-resident travel agencies, work collectives, companies of friends, etc.) and individual Guests. The date and time of the excursion start are coordinated with the Customer. The place of beginning and end of the excursion is the Prechistensky Gate of the Astrakhan Kremlin (bell tower of the Uspensky Cathedral).

    What is NOT included in an offer

    Visiting museums and exhibition halls located on the territory of the Astrakhan Kremlin, during the tour is not provided.

    What should a client bring

    Going on a tour of the Astrakhan Kremlin in the summer, be sure to take a headdress, clothes with long sleeves or apply a sunblock, sunglasses, a supply of drinking water (at least 0.5 liters per person) to the open areas of the body. Shoes for high-heeled shoes (pity your legs). In the cold season, wear warm and light rainproof clothing and shoes. Those wishing to visit the Orthodox church should be kept in their clothes (shorts, t-shirts, short skirts, etc. are not allowed), and women, in addition, must cover their heads with a handkerchief.