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    Ecotourism in Astrakhan

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    Place: Astrakhan, Russia,

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    • Ecotourism in Astrakhan
    • Ecotourism in Astrakhan

    What to expect

    If you travel through numerous canals on a boat, you can see very picturesque landscapes that attract not only their beauty, but also the opportunity to see interesting combinations of plant communities and a variety of different birds. The territory of the Astrakhan Reserve includes sites located in the western, central and eastern parts of the Volga delta. The most part of the reserve is occupied by the pre-delta - open shallow spaces with clear, transparent water, where nature itself creates favorable conditions for the life of many species of birds and fish.

    So, what are you waiting for on the ecological routes of the Astrakhan Reserve? Cognitive excursions "Journey to the Delta of the Volga" are intended for true admirers of the beauties of the great Russian river. Excursions are conducted on motor boats accompanied by the state inspectors of the reserve, and, if necessary, by guides-highly qualified specialists and scientific employees of the reserve.

    The vegetation of the delta does not differ in species diversity, but the combinations of plant communities encountered here are striking in their uniqueness and beauty. Along the riverbeds stretch the gallery forests, formed by willow and loch. Wide reed crepe hide from the curious eyes a lot of birds, in the same place find their refuge and many beasts, including mighty boars. Along the channel on the trees you can see nesting colonies of cormorants and herons, and throughout the way along the canals you will be silently accompanied by mighty predators of white-tailed eagles. Shallow-water bays attract fascinating beauty of floating plants - colorful nymphaeans, water lilies, rosettes of chilima leaves, make a calm surface of water similar to a bright floral carpet. In the deluge you will fall into the realm of swans, pelicans, gulls, terns and other waterfowl and waterbirds.

    During seasonal migrations, you can see huge accumulations of migratory birds, some species can be seen only here. in nesting areas they are dispersed over a vast territory and very careful. And, of course, the pearl of the Volga delta is the Caspian Lotus. The one who was lucky enough to visit the delta in July-August and see these beautiful flowers - forever remembers their fabulous beauty and delicate delicate fragrance.

    Do you want to get unforgettable impressions, plunge into the atmosphere of reverence for perfection and fragility of wildlife, try to unravel the secrets of the life of animals and birds, enjoy fresh air and ringing silence away from city bustle? Come to the Astrakhan Reserve!

    What should a client bring

    All members of the group during their stay on the excursion routes need to have an identity card with them .