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    Fascinating campaign in Cyprus 04/26/04/05, 13-21.10

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    Place: Cyprus,
    Duration: 9 days

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    • Person (2-100 persons)
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    • Fascinating campaign in Cyprus 04/26/04/05, 13-21.10
    • Fascinating campaign in Cyprus 04/26/04/05, 13-21.10
    • Fascinating campaign in Cyprus 04/26/04/05, 13-21.10
    • Fascinating campaign in Cyprus 04/26/04/05, 13-21.10
    • Fascinating campaign in Cyprus 04/26/04/05, 13-21.10
    • Fascinating campaign in Cyprus 04/26/04/05, 13-21.10
    • Fascinating campaign in Cyprus 04/26/04/05, 13-21.10
    • Fascinating campaign in Cyprus 04/26/04/05, 13-21.10

    What to expect

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    To visit Cyprus requires:

    1) Schengen visa, if the flight is made from EU countries or with a transfer in a third country or 2) Pro-visa, if the flight is carried out from Russia (without transfer in third countries) Pro-visa is issued online in 1-2 days and is valid for 180 days from the date of issue for a period of not more than 90 days of uninterrupted stay: http://www.mfa.gov.cy THE DURATION OF THE DEPLOYMENT SHOULD BE IN LESS THAN 6 MONTHS! An e-mail will be sent to you, which will need to be printed and demonstrated upon arrival at Larnaca airport.

    3) Insurance for outdoor activities for traveling abroad - we will help with registration of a group at a discount!

    GROUP MEETING: the group meeting will be held in Larnaca at 9 am on the first day of the hike. All participants will be sent in advance org. Information with details.

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    Transfer 120 km to the heart of the island. Arriving at the Troodos mountain range, setting up a tent camp. Radial (light) ascent to the highest point of Cyprus - Mount Olympibos (1952 m), a small climb - about 250 m.


    2 day

    We are going to camp and move to the mountains. The passage will be in 2 steps, first we will walk along the nature trail along the Krios Potamos river, which is uninterrupted all year round, to the picturesque Caledonia waterfall, and finish our way at the restaurant Psilo Dendro, where we can go and enjoy the aromatic cuisine of this small institution with its own trout farm. After lunch, we are waiting for the second part of the way. We will continue to go also through the mountains, Troodos is a fragment of the oceanic crust of the disappeared Tethys ocean, therefore, both ascents and descents are expected. The views around will be awesome! On the parking lot we will stand in a camping on the bank of the river, which after 100 meters turns into Chantara waterfall

    Going under the backpack 13 km


    3 day

    On this day, we will rest after the transition, swim in the Chantara Falls and be able to walk to the Kantara Falls in order to go to it for a short time. The walk itself will leave an indelible impression, because the views in the Troodos National Park are incredible! After the waterfalls visit the village of Fioni, which is known for its pottery business, you can also visit the museum, depending on its mode of operation, we very much hope that we are lucky. Not far from the camp there is a Troodosky monastery, if you grab long clothes, they will not look at us sideways :) In the evening we walk around the village, absorb traditions, life and culture of the Greek people. The total length of 15 km light. 3 km under the backpack.


    4 day

    One of the most popular days, we pass by the village of Agios Dmitros and go on the nature trail Kamilostrat ("camel's way") - here camel caravans in the old days. On the way, we have panoramic views in all directions. On this day we will visit the medieval bridges of Venice, preserved here from the 16th century. The first bridge is Eliya, the smallest, surrounded by rocks, sandwiched between steep banks. The second bridge - Celefos is located in a dense forest, it is always shady and cool here. The banks of the river are gentle, there are benches and tables. We will have lunch here, sit by the water, rest after the transition. Then it will remain to go quite a bit. We reach the eco-settlement not far from the reservoir of Armina and stop near it for the night. In the evening we share our impressions and warmly sing songs) Going under the backpack 20 km


    5 day

    We are approaching the sea! In the morning we get up, collect the camp and go to the village of Armina, from there we are picked up by a transfer and taken to the camping by the sea. We will have a shower and a cafe in the side where we can drink coffee, do not be afraid of civilization, everything is very original there and there is nothing besides this cafe within a radius of several kilometers. We also go to Lara Beach, where sea turtles lay their eggs in the summer, we will not be able to see them, because all of them will already splash in the sea, but the beach itself will make us think about the highest. On the way to the beach we will go through the cape, from which later we will meet the sunset. This cape is significant for its cosmic corroded relief, in some holes the sea is literally splashing. Transfer 1.5-2 hours, To the village of Arminu under a backpack about 6 km, walking light in the beach area.


    6 day

    Avakas Gorge is undoubtedly the most memorable place in Cyprus. We will reach it lightly from our campsite, we will try to go from and to, because its length is only 3 km, after which it loses the view of the gorge, so the passage through it back and forth is provided to us. A small river flows through the gorge, sometimes you have to jump from stone to stone and your legs can slide off, but don't be afraid to wet them - in a moment the Cyprus sun will dry everything. Next walk on Turtle Beach. Go light as a group up to 15 km


    7 day

    We gather our camp and move forward to new feats. We will go most of the way along the sea, so azure ripples will always be pleasing to the eye. So we will reach the Fontana Amaroza trail in the Amakas Peninsula National Park. Along this path, we will proceed along an uncomplicated pass and go to the northern blue lagoons. We will go all day! Overnight in the meadow under the sprawling oaks surrounded by picturesque ancient ruins. Going under backpacks 20 km


    8 day

    The day will be interesting, first we go to the bath of Aphrodite, it is located near our camp. We walk along the blue lagoons, whose color amazes the imagination and raises doubts of its reality. We will certainly swim in these transparent waters and dive from large stones. If there is a desire and strength to take a walk, we will reach a cape that is located 9 km from our camp. Do not forget the mask or glasses, because there is such a variety of beautiful fish. If you have time, you can go to the city of Polis, it is not very far away. Overnight at the campsite. Going under a backpack 3 km, 5 km walk light.


    9 day

    Transfer to Larnaca, backpacks can be left in the luggage at the airport. Be sure to visit the Salt Lake, on the bank of which stands the Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque, palm trees and cypress trees grow around it and it looks very colorful. After admiring all the beauty of the local, walking around the city, how much time and energy is enough for us (you can also have time to visit the Cervkovy of St. Lazarus and swim in the Mediterranean Sea on the path).

    Optionally, a trip to Cape Greco is possible - this is discussed with the participants.




    Read more: https://mwtravel.ru/alltravels/uvlekatelnyj-pohod-po-kipru/

    What is included in an offer

    • consultation with the organizer in organizing questions at will (visa, purchasing tickets, purchasing tickets, equipment, insurance)

    • 3 meals a day (on active days of lunch snacks + there are several meals in the cafe, which are not included in the price)

    • public first aid kit, repair kit, camp and fire equipment

    • use of 4-seat tourist club tents (2-person tent can be rented)

    • group leader services

    • provision of gas and water to the group on the route

    What is NOT included in an offer

    • tickets for travel to the venue

    • transfer by the route: Larnaca airport - camping in Troodos; Armina Village - Lara Beach; port of Latsi - Larnaca (70 euro / person)

    • overnight stays in Larnaca before the start of the hike and after (you can spend the night free of charge in tents on the lakeside in the park near the airport)

    • additional transfers on the route (if needed by the decision of the group, there is an option to go to Cape Greco on the last day)

    • life and health insurance (we can help with group insurance at a discount)

    • visiting paid attractions on the route (optional)

    • 2 nights in paid campgrounds (5 euro per tent)

    • cafe / canteens (5 times, average check 15 euros)

    • rent of personal equipment (sleeping bag, rug, trekking poles, backpack)