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    Hiking on the Lycian trail 1-9.05, 29.09-7.10, 30.12-6.01

    Basic details

    Place: Antalya, Turkey,
    Duration: 9 days

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    • Person (2-100 persons)
    • OK
    • Hiking on the Lycian trail 1-9.05, 29.09-7.10, 30.12-6.01
    • Hiking on the Lycian trail 1-9.05, 29.09-7.10, 30.12-6.01
    • Hiking on the Lycian trail 1-9.05, 29.09-7.10, 30.12-6.01
    • Hiking on the Lycian trail 1-9.05, 29.09-7.10, 30.12-6.01
    • Hiking on the Lycian trail 1-9.05, 29.09-7.10, 30.12-6.01
    • Hiking on the Lycian trail 1-9.05, 29.09-7.10, 30.12-6.01
    • Hiking on the Lycian trail 1-9.05, 29.09-7.10, 30.12-6.01

    What to expect


    Day 1 City Antalya (Antalya) - the village Tekirova (Tekirova). Overnight in tents.

    At 12-00, we take a bus and move from the Antalya bus station to Tekirova village. From the village we walk along the sea to the picturesque bay with a source of fresh water. This is the Lycian trail, we are at the very beginning of our journey. In the bay we get up, have dinner, have a rest from the flight and move, enjoy the sea and the starry sky. We sleep under the sound of sea waves.

    Day 2 The village Tekirova (Tekirova) - the village Cirali ( Cirali ). Overnight in tents.

    We get up early, because today we have a big transition along one of the most beautiful sections of the Lycian path: we will walk along the sea, through the light pine forest. By evening, we are in Cirali, a small village stretching along the coast and literally immersed in the greenery of orange and lemon orchards. In the evening, you can stroll through the village, eat oranges from the trees, admire the view of the Turkish Olympus - Mount Tahtali Dag. A lot of interesting things await us in the vicinity of Cirali, so we will stay here for the whole next day.

    Day 3 The village of Cirali ( Cirali ). Excursion to the ancient city of Olympos. Hike to g.Himera. Overnight in tents.

    In the morning we go to inspect the ruins of the ancient city of Olympos. The city, founded in the 3rd century BC, was one of the six powerful cities of Lycia, experienced numerous pirates' raids, and reached its peak in the Roman period. During the times of the Byzantine Empire, for unknown reasons, people left the city and never returned to this place.

    In the evening of this day we will visit one of the most mysterious places of our planet. The burning mountain Chimera (Yanartash) is the only place in the world where fire is burning on the mountain all year round. The flames burst to the surface from under the ground in several places, the places of ignition periodically change, the fire almost dies down, then it flares up with a new force. According to legend, it was here that Bellerophon struck Chimera with a bow, and his horse Pegasus trampled her into the ground. Since then, Chimera has been living underground and spewing flames. And in the vicinity we can eat oranges straight from the trees!

    Day 4 The village of Cirali ( Cirali ) - the village of Adrasan. The first day. Overnight in tents.

    Today we have to go part of the way to the next settlement - the coastal village Adrasan. The trail runs mainly through the forest, it is quite winding, and at the same time we will constantly gain altitude. Snow can already be seen here, and the air temperature is noticeably cooler than on the coast. We will spend the night at the top of the pass, where nature has created a magnificent observation platform, from which stunning views of the valley and villages open up.

    Day 5 The village of Cirali ( Cirali ) - the village of Adrasan. Second day. Overnight in tents.

    Today we say goodbye to our cozy parking and go down to Adrasan. This village is one of the most picturesque corners of southern Turkey. In ancient times, here was located one of the important commercial bays of the Lycian civilization, and today lovers of nature, a pleasant quiet rest, strive here, seminars on yoga are held here. The village is surrounded by orange orchards and greenhouses, where they grow vegetables all year round. We pass the village and get up two kilometers from it.

    6th day Adrasan village - Cape Gelidonya. Overnight in tents.

    Today we have a long journey to the southernmost point of our journey - Cape Helidonius. The cape is famous for the fact that in its vicinity the researchers discovered a huge number of sunken ships. This is attributed to the unpredictability of local currents, but the ancient Lycians had a different opinion on this matter: they considered the monster living at the bottom of the sea to be the cause of shipwrecks. Anyway, the place is often called the ship graveyard. The main attraction here, of course, is the lighthouse: located at an altitude of 227 meters above sea level, its height is about nine meters. The most beautiful view of the lighthouse rewards those travelers that come to him from Adarsan, which we will be able to make sure of.

    Day 7 Cape Gelidonya (Gelidonya) - the village Karaez (Karaöz) - the city of Demre ( Demre ). Overnight in tents.

    Today we leave the hospitable cape and go to the village Karaez. Here we sit on the bus and move to our last place on this journey, parking to the ancient city of Demre.

    Day 8 Day in Demre ( Demre ). Overnight in tents.

    Today is a very busy day. We will dedicate it to exploring the many attractions located both in the city and in its surroundings: see the church of St. Nicholas, visit the ruins of the ancient World, see the huge ancient Roman amphitheater, the main necropolis, the rock tombs of which are amazing. The Lycians believed that it was necessary to bury the dead as high as possible towards heaven, this would help them to get to heaven more quickly. The higher the man was buried, there he was richer. Some tombs are made in the shape of a house. This is an amazing place that you must see with your own eyes. And in the evening we are waiting for a farewell bonfire, because this is the final day of our journey along the Lycian path.

    Day 9 City Demre ( Demre ) - the city of Antalya ( Antalya ).

    Today we will have to move from Demre to Antalya, where our adventure will end at 18-00. Those interested can stay for a few more days, enjoy the warm weather, take a walk around Antalya and the surrounding area.

    Read more: https://mwtravel.ru/tury-pohody-v-turciyu/

    What is included in an offer

    • consultation assistance of the organizer in the organizational issues at will (visa, purchase of tickets, purchase of tickets, equipment)

    • use of group equipment (camp and campfire)

    • place in a tent (the organizer provides 4-person tents)

    • provision of gas and water to the group on the route

    • 3 meals a day (except for dinners on check-in / check-out days and meals in cafes in populated areas)

    • scheduled travels on the route

    • public first aid kit and repair kit

    • group leader services

    What is NOT included in an offer

    • tickets for travel to the venue

    • sightseeing along the route (optional)

    • rental of personal equipment (sleeping bag, rug, backpack, trekking poles)

    • rent of 2 local tents (only St. Petersburg residents are available)

    • insurance ("Active rest") - we will help with registration of a group at a discount (for this you will need your passport data - a photocopy of the main page and registration)

    • visiting cafes / canteens / restaurants (about 5 times, just dinner 2 d, dinner 3 d, dinner 8 d, average bill about 250-500 rubles, depending on the ordered dishes)

    • additional unplanned transfers on the route

    • delivery of a module of public equipment and products of $ 25 (paid by those who cannot or do not want to pick up the module in St. Petersburg)

    • accommodation in hostels / hotels before or after the route

    What should a client bring



    • Wristwatch
    • Matches (in waterproof packaging)
    • Plastic bags or light bags for clothes
    • Plastic bags (T-shirts) 5 pieces in reserve
    • Sunglasses
    • Water tank (plastic bottle / hydraulic system / flask)
    • Microfiber Towel
    • Headlamp flashlight and a set of spare batteries for it
    • Utensils (mug, spoon, bowl, knife)
    • Sidushka (hoba)
    • Trekking poles (telescopic)
    • Tourist tent
    • Summer tourist rug
    • Sleeping bag (comfort t 0 + 6 degrees)
    • Rain Cover
    • Backpack tourist (from 80 l for women, from 90 l for men)


    • Power bank (battery charger)
    • Compression bag for bulk clothing
    • Mask / snorkel / flippers for diving
    • Mobile phone with charging
    • Camera

    Cosmetic bag

    • Wet wipes
    • Hygienic lipstick
    • Toothbrush and toothpaste (small package)
    • Sunscreen cream (spf 50)
    • Small scissors or nail clippers
    • Small mirror
    • Small pack shampoo
    • A small piece of soap
    • Hairbrush
    • Insect repellent (better universal spray)
    • Toilet paper in waterproof packaging

    Personal first aid kit

    • Individual preparations
    • Nasal drops
    • Coldrex / teraflu
    • Patch


    • 1 t-shirt or long sleeve shirt
    • 1 x / t shirt to sleep
    • 2 running t-shirts (synthetics)
    • Shoes trekking membrane lungs (solid sole, fixed ankle)
    • Gaiters / Lanterns
    • For girls - sports bra (in the usual uncomfortable)
    • Tourist raincoat (non-polyethylene)
    • Sneakers / Sneakers
    • Swimsuit / swimming trunks
    • Underwear (better synthetics) in reasonable quantities
    • Socks (cotton or synthetic) 2 pairs
    • Trekking socks 2 pairs
    • Down vest or light down jacket
    • Trekking sandals
    • Warm fleece jacket
    • The layered clothing is thin (summer)
    • Shorts (not denim)
    • Running pants (made of quick-drying material, easy to rub)
    • Sun hat (buff, cap, panama)
    • Work gloves


    • International passport
    • Passport RF
    • OMS policy
    • Travel Insurance
    • Tickets or itinerary receipts
    • Hermetic bag for documents
    • Money for additional expenses
    • Copy of passport
    • Copy of RF passport
    • Insurance for active recreation